Saturday, September 24, 2005

KDE Voyeurs

This weekend marks the official inclusion of yours truly into the myscreen club. Myscreen is a cool little project to display what KDE people (developers, artists, documenters, etc.) have on their desktop by displaying a current screenshot. It is updated every 5-15 mins for most people on the site. I have mine set to 30 mins currently, but that may change. Personally when I was just a user, I was always curious of what the developers were using on their desktops such as window decoration, icons, style, etc. Thanks to dannya, you now can! Awesome project dannya, keep it up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DJ no more + Heavy Metal

Tonight I was able to attend a show that displayed that heavy metal isn't dead yet. The band is a side project of a well known non-mainstream band called Ween. The Moistboyz displayed much of the same sillyness that comes out of Ween via "Deaner". Good time, fun music and tasty beverages.

In other music related news.. I am no longer a DJ. I have changed professions and become a MC. The upcoming title track will be called "Supah Karambah". Not sure if it will be a top ten hit or not, but I will have "the coolest plasma/desktop setup around" Wade. And btw, have my beer ready yet?

Lastly, SK crashes are getting resolved one at a time. Mostly thanks to the help of Vinay, Pedro and Matt. Thanks again guys for all your help!

Monday, September 05, 2005

SK refactoring and OSDW

Yesterday, there was a fairly productive meeting with some people that are interested in helping with integrating SK into Plasma. We came up with a pretty good idea of how to move forward. It mostly involves changing the build structure and begin separating functionality that caused problems in SuperKaramba "classic".

Just prior to the meetup, thanks to Vinay Khaitan and Matt Broadstone, SuperKaramba was ported to Qt4. Although it at least launches the theme dialog, it is by far from functional. It will probably be non-functional for a little while with all the changes taking place. Btw, this isn't happening in the 3.5 branch. It is being refactored, ripped apart and put back together again in /trunk/KDE/kdeutils/superkaramba/. Here's the obligatory screenshot of it running:

The rough draft of the proposed "going forward" plan will be posted on the plasma wiki later today.

That brings us to OSDW. There was a mention on the panel-devel list about buying drinks for people attending plasma meetings, being able to prove it and show up in San Diego. So, Wade Olson, I'll be seeing you in October with a smile on my face! That being said, I would now like to ask for someone to help make Matt Broadstone's dream a reality. Mr Broadstone is an avid KDE hacker working on the Plasma team with myself and many others. His finances are a bit shy and would appreciate any help in getting his butt to San Diego. Donations are appreciated, but please direct them to his page or maybe through the KDE donations page. If you do the latter be sure to name him in your contribution.