Thursday, November 24, 2005


Completely off topic of kde stuff..
but how neat is this?!


Looking over the developer documentation of Google Code, I found this gem.
Risk using Google Maps. Remember to set your user agent to Safari if you are using Konqueror, otherwise you won't see anything on that site.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

SK 0.37 Release + Cold

As kde 3.5 development has completed, I felt compelled to make one last independent release of SK for the masses. There are some people out there that won't have 3.5 for some time still, and they too needed the bugs squashed. So, with no further adieu, the 0.37 release is out. Websites have been updated. There are a few things that may make it into 3.5.1 as new features, but I have to spend some time reviewing patches first.

In other news, it's a cold day in Ohio. First major snow was today. It was that sticky wet kind of snow. Just in time for the holiday travel that I have to endure.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

RC1 is out

RC1 is out for testing. This being the case, it appears that compiling kdeutils is a bit borked. Reason why is b/c somehow RC1 picked up the first unicode fix we committed, but not the final solution. Regarding anyone that is compiling fresh, I'd just like to apologize now. It is fixed in SVN, so it will be in the next release. Also, the NetBSD patches should be in and a fix for a Solaris compilation bug.

Keep submitting bugs and we'll keep fixing them!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Unicode continues to be a learning experience. There was a recent blog post in which a single comment brought to light certain shortcomings in the SK input box. Of those, the big one was unicode output was broken. It was outputting char type instead of unicode type.

To give you some background on what is happening, you can read this mailing list post:

Needless to say Alex and I ended up spending some time on this and figured out there is some differences between how some distributions define Py_UNICODE_SIZE. On our systems (gentoo and opensuse), it is defined as 4 bytes. Some other distributions *cough, Mandriva, cough* define it as 2 bytes. I think we finally have it nailed down, but if anyone is running SVN 3.5 branch, please update and report any bugs you may find with it. Btw, if you want to see for yourself what your system has defined, just grep Py_UNICODE_SIZE pyconfig.h on your system.

Not only will this hopefully fix the unicode problems, but it will also allow Kaddressamba to be a reality when 3.5 ships.