Monday, February 27, 2006

First SuperKaramba Games

Before I worked on SuperKaramba's codebase, I was a user. One of the things I've been waiting to see developed is a SK theme that is an interactive game. That wait is now over and the results are simply amazing for the, not one, but two that have recently come out.

Matt, the Liquid Weather author, released Su-per-Doku and Jouni, known as Chryseus on IRC, has released 15 pieces as a SK theme (and it even has smooth animations when the blocks move positions =).

I really want to spark some interest in more games coming about and that is one reason for this blog entry. The other reason is to say that real life is keeping me busy and distracted a bit from working on SK bug fixes, including the notorious "always on top" issue that I thought was fixed. Alas my "fix" causes side effects that are very unexpected such as not being able to position themes under dock widgets such as kicker. I've talked with Lubos about the problem and it seems that there isn't a very good way to resolve the problem within the current toolset I have available.