Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SuperKaramba 0.39 posted

With the recent update to KDE being tagged at 3.5.2, I thought it would be a good time to get together a changelog and post an update of SuperKaramba to kdelook.org.
Many bugs were fixed that related to New Stuff. Many new functions and examples of how to use them, such as changing the update interval, passing messages between two different themes, the ability to disable/enable the right click menu on themes, etc.

There was a change to how we put themes in the background when they are opened. We were relying on Qt's lower() method to handle this for us, but that wasn't enough when we had multiple themes opened at once. They'd still be above other windows. We are now using KWin::lowerWindow() to do this, and it works great! Using that is somewhat frowned upon, but I've talked this over with a couple of the kwin developers and it is really the only solution b/c of the speciality of the window type we are trying to achieve with desktop applets. I plan to write up a quick spec in the near future on what I think we'll need for kde4/plasma regarding window types.

I've also got an idea on how to spark some interest into SuperKaramba theme development, but I'm awaiting some things to come through first. Stay tuned.