Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DJ no more + Heavy Metal

Tonight I was able to attend a show that displayed that heavy metal isn't dead yet. The band is a side project of a well known non-mainstream band called Ween. The Moistboyz displayed much of the same sillyness that comes out of Ween via "Deaner". Good time, fun music and tasty beverages.

In other music related news.. I am no longer a DJ. I have changed professions and become a MC. The upcoming title track will be called "Supah Karambah". Not sure if it will be a top ten hit or not, but I will have "the coolest plasma/desktop setup around" Wade. And btw, have my beer ready yet?

Lastly, SK crashes are getting resolved one at a time. Mostly thanks to the help of Vinay, Pedro and Matt. Thanks again guys for all your help!


  • Good luck on the MC gig, and thanks for your comments on the story down in Evansville.

    I, too, fail to understand why it is that people don't take their computers as seriously as, say, any of their other possessions. People are just plain silly that way, a lot of the time.

    As my response in the story itself says, tell Thiago that Scruffy says hello, should you ever run into him ;o)

    By pooster, at 6:18 AM  

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