Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Web Widgets

So I've been following the widget scene for some time now. Keeping tabs on all the ajaxy type stuff and all the myspace-upgrade-to-flash-9-so-we-can-limit-what-you-embed-in-your-page stuff. This on the other hand is something I've been toying with for a short while. And by this.. I mean Meebo. Today they released a alpha/beta of their embeddable web widget. If you have an account on MeeboMe, they provide you some html code to add to your page.. and then any visitor can talk to you and vice/versa. Interested concept that I'm going to try out for a short while. In fact you can try it out right now from my page!

I've seen it be a little buggy where I could send a message out to the visitor, but not able to receive messages back. For the most part though, pretty neat stuff. Enjoy!


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