Monday, October 03, 2005


Ohio LinuxFest has come and gone. Late nights of beer and software discussions over. I was lucky enough to make some new friends that just happen to be involved with the Gnome Foundation and are also located in the Columbus area, Sean Harshbarger and Aaron Bedra. Not to mention getting to know Ryan Quinn of Symphony OS. Although he and I talked a bit, the bar was so loud that I only caught some of the conversation.

I was able to get into a few pictures throughout the day and the evening. The first batch of pictures are mentioned on the Ohio LinuxFest site and are posted here. There are more pictures that were taken of everyone having a good time, but I don't have any way to locate them. Maybe they'll either show up on the planet.kde.org or planet.gnome.org sites? Be on the lookout!
(btw, if you took pictures, please drop me a line or email me)


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