Thursday, August 04, 2005

0.37 RC2 is out!

After a couple very late nights, SuperKaramba is now at Release Candidate 2. You can grab it from kdelook or from our project site. If everything goes well, this will turn into the 0.37 final release.

Last night marks the inclusion of SuperKaramba into KDE 3.5. *applause* Just in time for the Alpha release on Friday. That being said, we've not decided if we want to try and do one more release before the 3.5 feature freeze on Aug 25th. We really need to shift our gears and start crackin' on Plasma.

Another change in SVN happened last night as well. Smooth Blend has also become part of the KDE 3.5 release. An updated package will be posted to kdelook when I get to it after the weekend.

Pending any errors for either inclusion, I'll be crossing my fingers. Everything built fine for me after a few changes, so hopefully everyone will have access to these on Friday. Not too bad for going from an end user to a KDE developer in just 6 months. ;)

In other news...
I'm going out of town to a wedding for the weekend. If something breaks and you post in our project forum, you'll probably get a response on Monday evening.


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