Friday, December 23, 2005

Oi veh Xgl

Xgl Xgl Xgl..

Seems like we all just need to really think about how we're going to intelligently use/develop OpenGL in Xorg. I know it is more complicated than that both philosophically and productively, but it's worth mentioning.

I have faith that it will come about in some fashion, but seeing how I don't have much experience in the internals personally I'll just provide the links for everyone to peruse.


  • "Oi" is a very special and experimental way to describe feelings. We invented that exclamation in Turkey and our specialists are still working on it hardly (using an exclamation which is still in development status can cause unexpected psychological reflections in society as you might know).

    So, please don't use it again without our knowledge.

    Best regards.

    By A. Murat Eren, at 8:18 PM  

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